Project Management

Have you decided to build a house? Congratulations! We, at “Orlev Bniya Nevona”, know that this is a significant and important step in your life and in an investment that requires long-term and careful planning.

In Finland, tradition says that a person should build his home, and so do we – we treat every house as if it were our own home, and are happy to accompany you from the first moment of purchasing your home, step by step, to the end of the project.

We believe that proper project management must include not only the professional component but also the human aspect. The “Orlev Bniya Nevona” team brings to the table years of experience in the construction field, as well as in project management in Israel and abroad, and we are happy to provide dedicated and professional service that does not compromise on the quality of construction. In addition, we firmly believe in improving the construction culture and in changing the current reality of building in Israel, and therefore, we are proud to employ young Israelis in our various projects out of a desire to give them purpose in the field of manual labor and practical training in the field.

This connection turns every project into a perfect European creation, combined with a warm Israeli experience that looks to the future.

Special services

Finland-related business and personal consultation

Are you fascinated by Finland? So are we. Want to know more? We look forward to answering your Finland-related inquiries!

At Orlev Bniya Nevona we live and breathe Finland. In fact, company founder and owner, Jonatan Orlev, is himself part Finnish and spent almost a decade living in Finland studying construction management and taking part professionally in several projects over the years.

Some of the services we offer

  • Consultation for companies and business clients interested in investment and development
  • Translation of documents from the Finnish language into Hebrew and vice versa
  • Fostering cooperation between organizations and companies in Israel and Finland
  • Counseling to bridge the cultural gap in business relationships
  • Document management, inquiries, and permits
  • Advocacy and consulting services in various fields of Finnish law
  • Working with real estate experts, investments and regulations
  • Representation: customs, VAT, and local tax authorities in Israel and Finland

For our English-speaking customers, Orlev Construction provides service in the following areas:

Construction management

  • Project management
  • Technical inspection & support Entrepreneurship
  • Budget planning
  • Work safety

Engineering advising

  • Technical overseeing
  • Property management and inquires
  • Budget management for restauration and different projects

Special solutions

  • Water seeling and insulation solutions
  • Thermal insulation solutions
  • Wood construction
  • AC and ventillation systems
  • Mold prevention solutions

Private sector building

  • Wood work
  • Restauration projects
  • Wooden houses
  • Renovations