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Orlev Bniya Nevona was established in 2015 by Jonatan Orlev, an Israeli-Finnish contractor and construction manager who received his degree at the Engineering University in Helsinki, Finland. Prior to his return to Israel in 2015, Jonatan Orlev gained more than a decade of professional experience contracting and managing various projects in Finland.

The connection to Finland also exists in the company’s name – the high work ethic of the Finnish people, with an emphasis on the field of construction, is known throughout the world as it relates to standards of excellence, prestige and a long tradition of construction of the highest quality. Reflecting this standard of excellence, “Orlev Bniya Nevona” has set itself the goal of developing the construction culture in Israel, providing the superior and European-standard service, and offering quality products familiar to the Israeli public from the European/Scandinavian landscape at a fair price.

Along with the projects and collaborations of which we took part in Finland, we are proud to lead the contracting revolution in Israel, with dozens of projects built, from the Golan Heights, throughout Samaria, in the south of Israel, and of course in Jerusalem and the Old City.

In addition, “Orlev Bniya Nevona” is the official distributor of Kontio Homes, the world’s leaders in wooden (log) house construction, and our team consists of carefully selected local contractors working alongside professionals og Finnish backgrounds. The company’s founder, Jonatan Orlev, has undergone training at Kontio and is responsible for large projects in Finland and Israel.

Jonatan Orlev, founder and owner

Jonathan Orlev
Jonathan Orlev
Born in 1986 in Jerusalem to an Israeli-Finnish family. After completing his military service Jonatan moved to Finland and began learning to construct houses. Jonatan believes in hands-on work as part of a learning process, and as such he consciously sought to work in all areas of construction throughout his undergraduate studies - including AC installation, chimney cleaning, as well as roof work which required working on high structures and various renovations. In 2011, Jonatan graduated with an engineering degree in construction management from the University of Metropolia in Helsinki. In addition to his undergraduate degree, Jonatan underwent specialized training in project management in the private house sector as well as in authorized building inspection (level 1) in Helsinki. The experience of hands-on learning in the field has greatly shaped Jonatan’s personality, abilities, and worldview. Therefore, an important component of the company's vision is to train young people in Israel in construction, while providing tools and principles ​​for integration into the company as active and productive adults, thus improving the construction industry in Israel.

Team and cooperation

Our team is combined of local young people with a finnish- israeli backround and various experience.

Project Manager Engineering

Past representative of Danya Cebus construction company, and, among other projects, managed the control tower project at Ben Gurion Airport, office building projects, and the construction of residential neighborhoods.

Susanna Daniella – Interior Designer

A designer from an Israeli-Finnish background, specializing in Scandinavian design, which on one hand draws inspiration from minimalism and natural elements, and on the other hand from the modern and industrial world creating the perfect balance between form and function.
Susanna studied interior design in Israel and provides excellent service in Hebrew, English and Finnish.

Before beginning work on each project, we hand choose our subcontractors who are experts in their fields with whom we work, for the relevant work – whether it is woodwork, stone work, or preservation \ restoration. Working with a large and diverse team allows us to match the each contractor to the nature of the work on each given project, which contributes to the efficiency and cost effectiveness that we are happy to offer our clients.

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