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Jonathan Orlev

People building houses building people

Orlev Bniya Nevona, in English mindful or wise construction provides construction management and inspection for various projects in the construction industry and is characterized as a company by its uncompromising professionalism and social principles.

The company’s founder, Jonatan Orlev, graduated with an engineering degree in Construction Management in Helsinki, Finland, and provides expertise and a rich track record in construction abroad and in Israel, as well as European standards in experience and service.

Our driving vision in “Orlev Bniya Nevona” starts with comprehensive engineering management (alt: responsibility) of private and public projects, and continues with extensive attention to details great and small and personalized support to our clients throughout the entirety of each project which is interpreted by a change in the construction culture in Israel as a whole, out of a desire to create a high standard of quality.

As part of our project management, we at “Orlev Bniya Nevona” aim to create cooperation between leading professionals in their fields and also encourage young Israelis from different backgrounds to take part in projects in order to provide them with employment and professional training of the highest quality.

Hence, our motto – people building houses and building people, characterizes this guiding principle. We believe that by training these young adults we will be able to create a better Israeli culture of building, one that will build a generation of productive young people who contribute and give back to Israeli society.

As part of our vision of creating cooperation, we believe in strengthening the business-economic-professional relationship between Israel and Finland, creating projects in both countries, learning together and moving towards an improved culture of construction.

Make the dream a reality: Live in a wooden log house

Kontio Modern Houses

Have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful log (wooden) house? We are proud to be the official representatives of Kontio Israel, the world’s largest and leading company in the field of log houses.

These are the finest, most impressive log houses of Kontio, which come directly from northern Finland.

Why wood from Finland?

Log building is a craft that requires special expertise, knowledge acquired over the years, and precise finishing. Finland is considered the leading country in the field of wood construction, and has succeeded over the years in developing engineering techniques to manufacture products of the highest quality.

The pastoral project: The Israeli resort island in Finland


Imagine a peaceful, ecologically-minded, Scandinavian holiday home in a pastoral environment. Apparently you imagined the Israeli Resort Island Project, Petäjäsaari, in the town of Kaavi in central Finland.

This is the flagship project of Ecoland, an Israeli investment group that operates in real estate, entrepreneurship and investments. Jonatan Orlev, founder and owner of “Orlev Bniya Nevona”, serves as manager of the Finland Investments Division of the Ecoland Group. This is a unique and exclusive project aimed at investors interested in timeshares and tourism.

The project includes administrative and planning elements of a special nature due to the complexity of the project from an engineering-operational aspect. The process of project planning and initiation has been underway since 2015, with construction beginning in 2018, and prospected completion by 2021.

There will be a total of 40 houses of approximately 67 square meters on the Israeli island, in addition to other common buildings and development work on the island. Following its completion, the island will be open to tourists from all over the world.

In addition to the main project, there are various real estate investment projects in major cities in southern Finland. Finland is considered a country with a stable and secure economy and its citizens have high payment ethics, making it a very attractive investment destination for foreign investors. In recent years there has been an awakening of foreign investors from countries such as Russia and the Far East in Finland, and the company “Ecoland Group Ltd” in cooperation with “Orlev Bniya Nevona” are involved in the developing domestic market.

Part of our vision at “Orlev Bniya Nevona” is to strengthen the business-economic-professional relationship and the construction environment between Israel and Finland. We believe that these projects are an excellent way to strengthen existing cooperation in the tourism-business sector.

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